We have to say we love the word “nimbyism” in the office for several reasons but there seems to be a huge amount of talk about flexible working and more importantly, how many employers are not getting on board. It seems businesses are quite happy to consider flexible working but equally, many are not going to alter their traditional employee contracts with their teams being in the office from 9-5.

Here at Hear Me Roar Media, we love to get the team together and we love planning and strategising in a room, but and this is a BIG but, we understand the need for flexibility. In fact, we have that structure in place. We have team meetings and brain storming sessions, but we understand the need for flexible and remote working. Therefore, you may see one of our team collecting their kids from school, but they are still an integral part of our team. Fundamentally, we care that the work gets done and if this is early or later in the day – who cares? We never wanted to pressure people to conform to the normal schedule of a working day as we are creatives and our minds don’t and can’t work like that! Flexible working is something a lot of employers are going to have to consider in the future as more people will demand it.

In the future, our belief is that more and more companies will be advocating for remote working and indeed, flexible working. It is all about having the freedom to do some chores, go to the bank, visit your grandparents or collect the kids from school. Isn’t that the key to a good working life balance? We know most businesses require large teams and yes, they need them in-house but what about offering them the flexibility to leave work earlier and do some work at home at night? If that is what they want. There is a need for trust on both the employer and employees’ part, but it can be a good thing and help to build good relationships that are honest and sustainable. You’ll find cutting the commuting time (for employees) can allow them to go the gym so they’re more energetic and by the time they hit their desk, at home they are ready for the world. The same can’t be said for employees who spend an hour in traffic on their way into work. What a waste of time and we know how valuable time is so why waste it if an employee can work remotely or flexibly to offer the same results – or better results?

Technology has allowed for more opportunities to work (wherever you may be) but why are some businesses not harnessing this tool to the best of their abilities? Employees are burning out and suffering from work related stress, but organisations can make a difference by understanding the changing behaviours of employees in Ireland today. They want to feel respected, be listened to and acknowledged for their efforts. If flexible or remote working makes life a little easier for talented professionals, than that can only create a better work place environment and more importantly, happier and healthier employees.