Loneliness is a major part of running a business

Most people who are starting out their business spend a lot of time alone and they can understandably, become isolated and lonely. Not many friends or family will offer help and advice when building a business so it leaves you in a rather quiet spot. However, it doesn’t have to be this way and it is imperative that you get away from the desk and see people. If these people are in the business world, it helps as they’ll understand your issues. Here are some tips on making friends in the entrepreneur world:

Join local business groups – There are plenty of business groups around Ireland and they offer some great networking opportunities and you may get some more business too. Luckily, these groups are filled with like-minded individuals at different stages of their career and business meaning you can top up on lots of information.

Seek out online pages and chats- Once again, there are loads of online private groups whether it be Linkedin or Facebook. On Twitter there are Twitter chats and these are great for making business friends and building relationships. Being online when building a business is hugely beneficial as you’ll find your customers, competitors and business connections there, ready to find out about you and your business.

Visit events and conventions – If there is something on you are interested in doing make sure you go and find more people in business. The more people you know the better your business will be as these people are key to getting the word around. Don’t be shy and work the room! It may be hard at first but once you do it you will learn more about your business and become a pro at pitching it!

Take time to rest – No one can work a room or network if they are frazzled or feeling worn out so ensure you put yourself first and mind yourself. Be mindful of your mental health and if you are struggling contact your local doctor.