With Christmas and the New Year upon us now is the time when you should sit back to try and relax because 2020 is coming and it won’t be long coming! As business people, we find ourselves running from task to task and never really taking time to relax but let us tell you now you need to relax and you need to take time to reevaluate your life. While you may have clicked into this article looking for tips on how to prepare for 2020 workwise, we are focusing on you and getting you into a relaxed mode so you can have a better 2020. Here are our tips and ones that we will be taking heed of over the break away from work:

Sit back – Yes, it is simple but so important to just sit back and spend hours doing something you love – something you never seem to have enough time to do. This could be Netflix binging, reading books or simply listening to music. Whatever it is you need to take the time to do it without feeling guilty.

See those you love – We say ‘love’ because at Christmas we can force ourselves to spend time with those we don’t care for or people who have hurt us. This isn’t a good way to spend your time and if you can try and avoid toxic situations or at least place a time limit on them by spending a short amount of time with a difficult relative or friend. Spending time with those you love will give you some energy and make you happy so try to stick with that so you can enjoy every part of Christmas.

Exercise and eat well – Exercise may not be something you connect to the Christmas period but it is important to ensure you get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Sitting indoors isn’t good for anyone and a little physical activity (whatever it is) will brighten your mood. At Christmas we always tend to overeat but as long as you are balancing it with good exercise and physical activity then you’ll not feel the side effects of overeating and getting out of sync. Drink to a normal level and try not to overdo the drinks that you end up feeling ill. It’s ok to do this now and again but you should enjoy Christmas without losing the run of yourself.

Go out and do things you can’t usually do – Get outdoors and go to the place you never get to go to, visit the family who are miles away and take a trip to that hotel you love. Doing these things will revitalise you and allow you to be in the best position to get back to work in the New Year. A rested professional will bring a lot more to the table than someone who has worked to the bone over the holidays. If you are on holidays from your business try and put aside time for you and just relax, have fun and rest when you can. Do what you love and go into 2020 in the best condition ever!