Everyone knows how important PR is to a new book, story or poetry collection but how do you do it?

Publishing a novel is one tough job but getting good PR is another factor all writers/authors need to consider. Though it is sometimes confused, PR is not the same as marketing. Marketing is paid for, whereas finding yourself in a newspaper as the “news” is PR and it is what you engage a PR agency for – as they have the journalist contacts to get their name into publication whether it is online or in print. The right type of PR story can be the beginning of a great journey for writers who need the publicity to sell their books. It is a sure-fire way to gather attention and it puts their novel right into the minds of potential readers. This will inevitably translate into stronger sales and a higher profile for the author.

Authors work so hard for years (potentially) to get a book published and though they may consider the work is done once they write “The End”, it isn’t. Promoting their work is vital to converting authors efforts and bravery into sales. Yes, we said “brave” because writing anything is brave, taking a risk and letting yourself spill thoughts onto a page, it is brave and difficult. Public relations sets books apart from others as it gets people talking and communicating their book. Writing a book is a pretty big deal anyway but depending on your book, concept and genre authors could be in a wonderful position to shout about their novel and we can help.

Here at Hear Me Roar Media, we understand the efforts that go into writing a book. Emma Hayes, chief executive, has written a (unpublished) book and has attended several literary events and courses for writers and authors. Emma is well-experienced in creating press releases that get attention and can get an author’s message across. Furthermore, Emma understands the business and can offer great ideas and insights into social media campaigns to coincide with launch dates. Emma actively works alongside authors and is on hand to offer her knowledge.

Writing can be a lonely business but with Hear Me Roar Media, writers aren’t alone. We are right there with you and we can’t wait to see how succesful you can be with the right PR and story.

Get in touch and let us help you make your new book a roaring success!