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Brand Design & Strategy

Brand design is the process of developing a coherent system of design components such as logos, colors, typography, artwork, and photography to create a brand’s visual identity.

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3 key elements of brand design and stratergy:

1. Clear brand purpose and positioning: Identifying your purpose and positioning is the first step in creating a brand identity. The main reason for your existence is the brand mission. The designation of who your product is for and why your product is a better alternative than the competition is known as brand positioning. Defining them will help you plan your approach when you design a logo, choose a color palette, and so on.

2. Thorough market research:

Market and consumer research may help a brand’s purpose and positioning, at least in part. Research is necessary to comprehend the cultural conflict indicated in the preceding section. There is a variety of information available online for those who are new to market research. Simply talking to people is one of the most effective ways to perform market research. Phone interviews allow for in-depth talks and emphasize the human side of research, which is critical if you want to build an emotional connection with customers.

3. Memorable logo: The design of your brand identity revolves on your logo. It’s the part of your brand identification to which the most people will be exposed. It must be consistent with all other aspects of your brand identification, as well as your brand’s overall emotional appeal.

Social Media Management

To stay at top in social media you should be creative and be regular. Social media management is the process of analyzing and developing a stratergy according to your audiences beahviour.

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3 Tips for social media Growth


Follow youtube trend create youtube short related to trending topics. You might be 2 or 3 clients away from the financial freedom you want. (CLICKBAITY-NESS MAKES THEM GOOD)

Talk about one niche topic, then expand your talks about one niche topic. When you’re good at one thing people assume you are good at all things.


Brands may interact with a captive audience through podcasting. With today’s mobile lifestyle, the ability to have podcasting on demand allows businesses and brands to communicate their stories from anywhere at any time, which helps to establish authority in your sector and develop brand champions.

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According to Forbes, iTunes is the number one website in the world. As a result, each founder who is mentioned on a podcast with a description helps the brand’s SEO rankings. As a result, podcasts can be a useful strategy for improving page rankings. Podcast channels are gaining popularity, with 115 million people projected to listen to podcasts each week.

Podcasts are much more than just promotional tools. Podcasts are educational and provide knowledge that is appealing to listeners. They are not just a marketing tool, but also a tool for expanding reach.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving your website’s ranks in search results in order to increase online traffic and income.

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7 Must-know facts about SEO:

1. SEO stands for search engine optimization

2. SEO consist of lot of stratergies.

3. SEO focus on organic growth, where you don’t pay for search results.

4. SEO have black hat and white hat.

5. Nowadays. SEO matters because of changing behaviour of audience in shopping.

6. SEO takes months to start showing results, it is a slow process.

7.SEO strategies changes according to the change or update in algorithm.

Copywriting & Strategy

All legendary brands like Apple, Samsung and Nike have one common marketing trait that is Copywriting.

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1. On point nailing headline.

Like apple using 5G speed OMGGGG!! instead of 5G Speed.
Your headline should be eyecatching.

2. Don’t sell your features, show them your superpowers.

Example:- Nike,”Carzy dream just do it”
In copywriting most brands makes mistake of selling features and miss on there superpower.

3. Sell your outcomes and numbers.

People don’t care about your product they care of about the outcome of the products. Try selling them your outcomes.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is one the type of internet marketing, where marketer pay for each ads to be shown up on google seearch. Essentailly it is a type where you buy visitors to visit your visits.

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There are different types of PPC but most 3 common type of PPC are as follow:

1. Display ads
Display ads are type of ads which will appear in front of potential audience who might to searching for your products, services or related to your products or services.

2.Video ads
Video advertising is becoming a more essential component of digital marketing. Video is used by 85 percent of organizations in their marketing efforts, and 92 percent think it is an important aspect of their marketing strategy. By 2022, internet videos are expected to account for more than 84 percent of all consumer traffic. Paid video advertising has the advantage of getting your videos in front of those who aren’t familiar with your company or who aren’t already following you. You don’t have to spend time building an audience initially.

3.Paid social ads
Paid social advertising consists of displaying advertisements to users while they are on a social media platform. PPC advertising is available on a variety of paid social sites. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, and Tik Tok are just a few of the more popular ones.

Website Development

Website is the first thing that your audience sees and marks your impression. It should be simple, elegant and easy to navigate. Website development involves all the working in building the website. It includes developing all the pages from landing page to the complex home page.

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Having high-quality content is crucial to attracting visitors to visit your site and return to it again and again, whether your website’s aim is to enhance awareness, produce more leads, or convert more leads into customers – or all three. As a result, website development is an essential component of a good inbound marketing plan, allowing you to:

1.Create the sort of experience you want your guests to have when they visit your website.
2.Influence how those visitors see your company in a positive way.

Email Marketing

Sending commercial emails to a list of contacts who have given their express consent to receive email messages from you is referred to as email marketing. Like a newsletter, you may use email marketing to enlighten your contacts, increase sales, and establish a community around your business.

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Different types of Email Marketing:
1. Promotional Emails:- This type of Email are sent in to promote your upcoming events, products or new services. It can consist of link to your landing page or coupons for few early birds.

2. Informational Emails:- This emails are used to share your newletters witht he subcribers in your lists where you can share latest updates about company or news related to company field.

3. re-engagement Emails:- This emails are sent to get back your old customer to buy your new products and understand the change in his behaviour.

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