Podcasting is growing more and more in popularity and it shows no sign of slowing down. Anyone who is anyone is getting into podcasting whether by guesting or contributing to certain shows. In Ireland, we have a strong network of regular podcasters who are streaming audio content that is interesting and captivating. Depending on your interests you could be listening to mental health conversation, people’s stories or business news. There are so many opportunities to listen to content when it suits listeners. It is the easy access of content that people love about podcasting. People tend to listen to podcasts on their own with headphones, so it adds a level of privacy and intimacy to their listening. Podcasts have been around for over a decade, but you’d be forgiven for not having listened to one yet; however, you should listen to podcasts and dare we say it, create them!

Podcasting is New Media

As a business, and as part of a New Media strategy, business owners should be considering podcasting and how they could use it, as part of a media strategy to gain customers and pivotally, to tell consumers/clients about what they do. The way media is transforming means social media, web presence and communication strategies should all be supported by innovative and forward thinking. Video, is of course, a strong method of media and it is consistently proving itself to be a magnificent tool in engaging the public on social media channels. However, video needs full attention and while many won’t watch a video for more than 3 minutes, people will listen to a podcast (from 15-60 minutes) while they go about their day.

Let’s shift back to storytelling for a minute as podcasting offers a tool in storytelling and reaching out to consumers. Instead of written content or short videos you are monetising on the longer form of storytelling by podcast. It gives business owners an opportunity to build their reputation as the leader in their market, not a follower but one of the first companies to invest in audio content. Podcasting for business, is an effective way for brands to communicate their value. With the added capability to tell stories anytime and on demand while people commute to work, clean out the dishwasher or sit in bed.

High profile people getting involved

And even the most high-profile of people are getting involved in podcasting as according to pitchfork.com, Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a podcast deal with Spotify. The Obamas, will according to the report develop, produce, and lend their voices to select podcasts. If it is good enough for them then why wouldn’t you get involved?

A business podcast educates potential clients and consumers. It is a good way to get your message across quickly and effectively too. Think of it as a chance to speak directly to your clients in one major piece of content without having to have the same repetitive conversation with clients. Often clients/customers have the same questions, the same worries and the same objectives so solve their issues by creating a series of podcasts that they can listen to when and how they want. Showing your expertise and knowledge starts with sharing it to customers and clients. Your content should offer value to your audience and encourage them to come back and listen again and again.

Offering value

Offering value isn’t a science as businesses do it every day – when they advise someone or when they recommend a step that genuinely solves a client’s problem. It is about education, insights, information, knowledge, offerings and businesses personality. Offering value shows you are not just ‘in it for yourself’ and are open to helping others and it adds a sense of authority to what you do. You are the teacher, the person ‘in the know’ and you aren’t afraid to showcase that. Attracting listeners, is easy when you simply offer value to listeners and engage a new audience that will earn businesses a sense of familiarity and trust. Consistent and valuable audio content allows customers and clients to engage with your business. It is the stepping stone of relationships and building long term prospects.

Podcasting doesn’t have to eat into your schedule either with a smart strategy and method you could record podcasts (for a few months ahead) in one sitting over a few hours. Outsourcing the technical side is key (unless you want to do it yourself) but once you have everything under control, you’ll only have to attend the podcast and do what you do best. Talk about your business but essentially, offer a solution in each podcast so there is a main takeaway from each one, a piece of information consumers didn’t know before.

Stay ahead of the pack

Of course, you will need to frame the ideas and content to deliver the best style of podcast with results. You could consider guest spots or simply chat away yourself on something, in short snippets (we advise 30 minutes max) or less. Look at your competitors, are they podcasting yet? Well the reality is, in the future they probably will, so why not be a step ahead of the pack and do it. If anything, you’ll gain respect for using your initiative and embracing the new media landscape. Once again, showcasing your ambition and innovative thinking while offering value because you care about your customers or clients. Clients will be impressed with your dedication to offering value and if competitors don’t have video or podcasts it perfectly places you as the one leading the pack.

A podcast is a way to show your unique selling point and your enthusiasm about what you do. Everyone will respect your brand and it becomes instantly, more recognisable with a podcast. Video is (also) a brilliant type of marketing but if you don’t have the resources to do it, podcasting can offer a cheaper alternative. Of course, you’ll need to do the sums on it and then there is the fact that not everyone is comfortable in front of camera. At a time when everyone is using video to get attention, we see more and more videos that honestly, aren’t great with lacklustre content and uncomfortable hosts. Not everyone wants to put themselves out there, on video and the rule is if you aren’t comfortable, you are better off not doing it. However, the most capable of people usually, sound great on a podcast with less pressure to be picture perfect. Podcasting takes away the stress, easily and uses your voice and communication skills to get your message across.

Talk to potential clients and customers directly

A podcast has the canny skill of making listeners feel like they are being spoken to directly instead of to a group of people. In terms of business, we know people buy from people and we know that podcasts can build relationships so together it is powerful. Marketing your podcasts on your social media channel will see your business podcast grow and sharing snippets, as well as behind the scenes shots, can be appealing to your audience. They want to know about you and your brand. They don’t care if you make mistakes or laugh at yourself as this embraces them with the fact that you are human. Don’t take yourself too seriously. And if you are worried about the outlay of podcast costs, consider repurposing content for your blog pages or making infographics from each episode of your podcast. A transcript of the podcast can be used to create a short blog and you don’t have to use all the material at once. It can be stored for future blogs, videos, infographics or PR opportunities. Include a Call to Action in each podcast and consider what action you do want your listeners to take after each episode. Have a clear idea of what it is, you want to achieve and objectives. Don’t be impatient either as podcasts take time to build and it is a long term strategy but in terms of content once you have it, it is yours. Content is never wasted.

Know what you want to say

A podcast begins with knowing what you want to say and how long you’ll need. Break it down into chunks and run a series of podcasts around an area of the business – this will ensure listeners come back and it makes it a niche to keep the content valuable to who you want to listen to it. Recording the whole series of episodes in one go is a good idea as it shortens the time of to and froing, so work ahead on content plans and have some lozenges on standby! Equipment is required or you’ll need to rent out facilities.

Hear Me Roar Media offers podcasting series packages

Alternatively, you could speak to us about your podcast series as we can produce, plan, record and circulate your podcast series with our expert team. We’ll even help with your branding; jingles and we provide facilities too, and coffee (did we mention coffee?). You’ll get your own producer who will collaborate with you on creating the best podcast series for your business.
Podcasting has the potential to target your audience and create a good sense of belief in what you do and why. And who knows maybe your podcast will skyrocket? Now that would be something!

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