McKeon Group celebrates 70 years in the construction industry by giving back to the local community

McKeon Group was originally established back in 1950 under the name McKeon Construction by Tom McKeon. Back then, as one man and his van, Tom began providing construction and maintenance services in and around Ashbourne. From making bricks to crafting his own hand tools, Tom was an innovator whose work ethic and values are reflected in the company today. Fast forward to 2020, as the business embarked upon its 70th year in the industry, McKeon Group wanted to do something special to mark the achievement. The siblings behind this family-owned business know that – despite being a nationwide operation today – success for a third generation business is not possible without strong community support and loyalty. As an integral part of the success story that is McKeon Group, the local community in Ashbourne was always going to be a big part of celebrating this milestone. McKeon Group, in association with Ashbourne & District Lions Club, would like to celebrate Ashbourne’s unsung community heroes who have been outstanding in their generosity of kindness, spirit, time and self.

A hero is defined as a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. They are people who step forward and think not of themselves but of the people around them, their families, friends, neighbours and the wider community.  They do not do it for reward or recognition, they do it to relieve the burden of those in need, the more vulnerable in our community. These people are our Community Heroes.  And McKeon Group, together with the Ashbourne & District Lions Club, need your help to identify these members of our community so that they can be celebrated and rewarded. There will be 10 finalists shortlisted from the nominees, with three overall winners. All finalists will receive a prize made up of vouchers from the local business community and a piece of unique local craft. The three overall winners will receive Irish hotel vouchers, with the top prize being a €1,500 stay at Center Parcs!

Newly-elected president of the Ashbourne & District Lions Club, Kathleen Cullen, was delighted to help launch the Ashbourne Heroes initiative as her first official official function. Speaking about the work of the organisation in the community, Kathleen said,

the Lions club based in Ashbourne is here to facilitate – this year more than ever – people in need, people whom you would never expect to need it. We are involved in charity runs and collections at supermarkets, everything is on a voluntary basis. People reach out to let us know of those they feel may be in need of help. We can touch base with individuals and offer help if and when needed. During winter time we also do food and fuel appeals, going out to those who are struggling”

She further noted that,

“the Ashbourne Heroes initiative is welcome at this challenging time for people

Speaking about the community initiative, Director at McKeon Group and member of the adjudicating panel, Cliona Molloy explained,

What we are asking people to do is to think about people in their community whom they would consider heroes. That might be your neighbour who is calling in on someone who is isolated, taking the time to check on them and perhaps helping out with supermarket deliveries. It might also be a frontline staff worker or that person within the community we all know who will notice when something needs to be done and then gather a team behind them to carry out what’s necessary for the good of the area.

Cliona adds

The important message during this period is to socially distance and I think we have all seen poignant examples of communities coming together, while staying physically apart. I often think about that phrase Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine [which loosely translates as ‘We all live in each other’s shadows’] and it could not be truer than during this period

Nominations are now open and full details, including terms and conditions, can be found at