Dublin-based management consultancy ClarityVP has introduced a new service designed to meet the challenges of working from home. Combining one-to-one mentoring with tailored home office design and installation, Home Office Design by ClarityVP gives you the space you need — in your head and in your home — to perform at your best.

With the current pandemic throwing our traditional work practices into disarray, some of us are finding it hard to adapt to new ways of working. The sudden disruption of ingrained habits has caused many of us to question our established ways of working, leaving us struggling to perform in the ‘new normal’. For Valerie O’Keeffe, CEO of ClarityVP, this concern emerged as a major issue in discussions with clients and colleagues.

To help business leaders navigate this difficult territory, Valerie and her team have developed a new service, Home Office Design by ClarityVP. Targeted at executive tier clients, it begins by focusing on the individual leader and then turns attention to the home office environment.

Using a proven three-step approach, ClarityVP assists clients in dealing with the experience of change, helping them to recognise the shifts that are taking place – both personally and professionally. Working one-to-one with a professional coach, clients are guided through strategies for adapting and coping, freeing them up to capitalise on the opportunities that change can bring.

This mentoring work is then complemented by a bespoke home office design and fit-out that supports the client’s personal goals and professional ambition. The main objective is not just to create a functional home office, but to establish a nurturing working space within the client’s home.

Commenting at the launch Valerie says,

“Home Office Design by ClarityVP helps our clients to adapt to a new way of working. We support leaders with one-to-one coaching, giving them the tools they need to re-establish themselves. Then we go about creating a physical space that enables them to thrive.”