Personal branding is something a lot of people may not know about or understand. Luckily, at Hear Me Roar Media we are experts in personal branding and we know how to raise people’s profile. The truth is, it takes a lot of work and it isn’t a quick strategy but there are lots of reasons why you should consider personal branding when you are building your career.


What makes you special?


If you want to work on your personal branding then you should recognise what makes you special and know what you want to say. A lot of people have plenty of things to tell the world and they should use their own voice to get their points across. When you are working on your personal branding you must know what makes you special as many other people may have your expertise but remember, they aren’t you.


Talk about stuff you know


It seems fairly obvious but talking about things you know is the key thing in building your personal brand. Sharing your expertise, knowledge and insights builds your good reputation and allows your followers to get to know you and most importantly, trust you. Look at public speaking events to build up your confidence and take part in podcasts (or even better, start your own). Don’t wait for opportunities, instead, go and look for them!


Look at social media


Social media is a good way to raise your personal profile and get started on social media by creating your pages by consistency with the same photo and bio. Work on the pages individually and figure out what social media platform works best for you instead of wasting too much time on one that may not add to your professional progress. Don’t forget the media is on Twitter and it is a good place to engage in conversations even if you only have a few followers. Use hashtags and engage in conversations that are relevant to you and be professional. Talk about things that are important to you and use graphics or photos to catch your followers attention.


Build relationships and Network

Online or offline, relationships matter as ‘people buy from people’ so building those relationships is a good way to build your profile and your business. Getting out to networking events is a great way to get to know people and use opportunities to present your business to like-minded individuals. Online networking is a good option when you live in rural areas or can’t travel to networking events.


Keep working on it as personal branding is an ongoing process that needs consistent attention to make the most out of it. Set yourself targets to achieve – creating working opportunities or getting radio/TV contributions (if that’s what you want).