Emma Hayes, Chief Executive spoke to the Irish Examiner about sharing passwords with partners.

‘My partner and I, value our own personal privacy and our shared privacy.’

Emma Hayes, chief executive of Hear Me Roar Media, does not share passwords with her husband David and is not interested to know his passwords. In what seems to be the majority consensus when it comes to partners’ passwords, it is an issue of privacy; protecting your own and respecting your partner’s as reported by Geraldine Walsh in the Irish Examiner today.

“To be honest it has never been a topic of discussion,” says Emma, “We just value each other’s privacy. I would never touch his phone and he wouldn’t touch mine. I personally would hate that. I like to text my friends or talk to clients and their privacy is important too. I don’t think that is fair to me, my friends, family, or my clients. They are, after all, contacting me and not him. That’s not to say that just because your partner has your passwords that they will access your phone or devices, but I don’t see why they need to know it.”

You can read the full article by Geraldine Walsh here: Would you allow your partner access to your social media accounts and private messages?