You must have felt the itch. The urge to change gear, shift focus to your true talents, learn, travel, have an adventure. But somehow it hasn’t happened. While you’re spending your life ticking boxes, following regulations and ignoring your itch to do things differently, your incredible personal resources, dreams and plans remain untapped and dormant.


But you are more capable than you think. Much more is possible than you dare to believe. The Every Year Itch invites you on a journey: scratch your every-year itch and discover an inexhaustible well of energy and lifelong development.


Kirsten de Bouter Shillam has written this new book for everyone feeling the ‘itch’ of life. People at a crossroads, looking for a career change, longing to travel or move home, learn something new. For those fed up with the same old routine. And those left wondering ‘is this it’?


By reading this book, readers will gain:

  • Understanding as to why they might have got into a rut and why change in any form might be scary
  • Clarity on their itch and what to do about it
  • Motivation and inspiration to really take personal action, knowing they are not alone

Kirsten, founder of Untapped Potential adds: “I’ve written this book to lead by example and action my own itch. I want to forge the way; not to be the one that just says the nice words. This book is my itch, my unapologetic document of my conviction that there is more to every person, that life can be filled in as many ways as there are individuals and in doing so each makes a contribution to the rich tapestry of life.”

Published by Practical Inspiration Publishing, the book can be bought here.

The book will be launched online on December 5th and you can register here to attend virtually.