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Contemporary PR solutions for the digital age

Helping Start-ups and SME’s find their audience and tell their unique stories across Ireland and the UK


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Our Clients

Hear Me Roar Media wants to do things a little differently from the traditional model of PR and communications. We want to take your story and creatively magnify it to your targeted audience, in a way that fills people with recognition for your brand, product or service. We want to learn more about you, your business and your story so we can format a compelling story behind your company that appeals to your customers. Hear Me Roar Media is the type of company that will shout about your business, but we will make sure every word is heard.

Personal Experience

As a small team you are guaranteed a personal experience and with less people to work alongside it makes our decision making and PR processes quicker and more reliable.

We Tell Your Story

Hear Me Roar Media believes that every business, brand or company has a story to tell and we feel we can perfectly position it for your audience to generate awareness.


We enjoy the thrill of chasing the story and getting it into the world. You won’t find us crying over the struggle instead you’ll find us rolling up our sleeves and adapting to every possibility.

Our Packages

Starter Upper Package

We know Start-Ups need guidance, creative thinking and affordable PR solutions.

We want your business to succeed – we truly do and therefore, you need to be able to access the best kind of PR and communications available.

Social Media Management

Have you a business sitting on Facebook with no traction? Do you want to build your brand online? We have the answer with our Social Media Management Package. Perfect for businesses who don’t have the time to be creative on social media platforms. Hear Me Roar Media are experts in social media and can get your brand noticed quickly and efficiently.

Creative & Unique Content

Every brand and business needs content that is fresh and here at Hear Me Roar Media we can deliver written content and video for your company.

We listen to you and deliver content that represents your business and brand.

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